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Dearest Sirs/Madames,
Rare Words are a critical part of a child’s development, enhancing their vocabulary, abstract thinking skills, and reading ability. And as we know, success in reading is tied to success in learning, better health, higher income, and perhaps most importantly – confidence and joy!
When you buy a word from the Rare Word Boutique, you are helping Calgary Reads bring millions of words into the lives of the children who need them most. So pop into our shop and have a look at our curious collection.

**Each word will only be sold once, so don’t delay!**

Of course, in addition to your Certificate of Authenticity, and Exclusive rights to your word in perpetuity, there are a host of fun and gift-worthy options:
  • Collect your word as a large frame-able print!
  • Receive customized greeting cards featuring your word!
  • Get your word printed on a metal sign!
Words are disappearing from our shelves daily, so act quickly!
Sincerest regards,

Calgary Reads